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Summer Exploration Projects 2020


         We hope that everyone has had a fantastic start to their summer! This summer Ms. Leach and Mrs. Adzhigirey will be your Teacher Guides at Walsh for the Summer Exploration 2020 projects. These projects are meant to be fun, engaging tasks that help students get to know themselves better and think about their future (see below for more information from the district on these projects). Students can complete these projects at any time throughout the summer and turn them in before the first day of school to be entered into a raffle to win technology devices, gift cards and more! We will be available to students all summer to answer their questions as well as help them start and finalize their work. Students will submit their final projects to us to be entered into the raffle.

Beginning July 13th our office hours for support on these projects will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12-1pm as well as Wednesday at 5pm every week through August 6th for all grade levels. We will also have office hours specific to grades K-2 on Monday and Wednesday at 1pm. Grades 3-5 will receive some additional support in their summer school Zoom class! Office hours and Zoom links will be posted in the calendar on Unified Classroom as well as on a Teams page. If none of these hours work for you then you can reach out to us directly to set up times that we can support students! These office hours are optional and are only needed if you want to reach out to us for any kind of help you may need on your projects, just to check-in or to submit a project to us to be entered into the raffle.

If you have any questions or are already interested please email either of us at [email protected] or [email protected]!


This summer, all Springfield Public Schools students have an opportunity to continue their learning and development through Summer Exploration 2020.

Completing up to 3 projects, students can reflect on who they are, plan for realizing their hopes and dreams, or design their ideal school. Projects are open to all students in preschool through 12th grade and teachers at every Springfield school will be available through virtual office hours and messaging to support students in completing the work.

Students work on these projects at their own pace and choose which activities to complete and what to create to show their learning. Students will complete two final products, one written and one entirely of the students choosing, for each project. For every completed project they will be entered in an end-of-summer drawing for prizes that will include technology devices, gift cards, and more.

SPS will hold a virtual showcase, sharing with the community the student work created for each project.

What are the projects?

Who am I? My History – An autobiographical projectstudents will explore and tell their own story: their experiences, their interests, their family, their community, and their history. Student-created projects might include writing a short memoir, a self-documentary video, or a visual timeline of their life and history.


Who do I want to become?  My Future – An aspirational project, students will think about what they want in the future and research the necessary steps to realize their goals. Student-created products might include a personal learning plan, a presentation on their goals and steps to achieve them, or photo collage depicting their desired future.


How will school help me realize my dreams? My Pathway – A design project, students will research and envision the kind of school and learning experience that would best support them to realize their dreams.  Student-created products might include a sample school schedule, a visual depiction of their ideal school, or a newspaper opinion piece on how school be designed.


How do I get started?

Projects launch on July 6th and students have until the first day of school to submit final products. To begin, head over to PowerSchool Unified Classroom as all project materials will be posted there.

Students can log into Unified Classroom from any device, select their Summer Exploration 2020 course, and get started. Teacher Guides will post messages and virtual office hours times within Unified Classroom for students needing support.

Materials will also be posted on the district website soon.

Lastly, small packets with print materials to support students in completing projects will be available for pickup at every SPS school.

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